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Please bring the forum back - Community / Suggestion - Polur.Net Helpdesk

I&#039;ve been with you guys a very long time. I really miss the forums. I have some old threads there I often wish I could look back on to remember how to do things. It also makes it seem our hosting is a better supported community.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> I&#039;ve asked a couple times before and always got the answer that it was being upgraded and would be back soon, but that was years ago which makes me wonder if I&#039;m on a sinking ship.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> I&#039;m going to stick with you guys still because I like you, but I feel something is wrong with the company.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Your Friend,<br /><br /> Jason

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Helpdesk Staff
We appreciate your feedback regarding our forums. Due to a lack of customers participating in our forums, we wanted to find new ways to engage our community. We believe our new website will address many complaints you raised, as any articles, suggestions and feedback can all be posted through our helpdesk interface. I've reached out to you in an email to gather more feedback, we hope you will continue to provide us with your thoughts!
Jason Kasper
I understand about the forum. They are tough to maintain. The thing that they are good at, of course, is allowing the users to disseminate information to other users. However, I admit that personally I've never had any trouble getting a workable solution from polurnet staff for my issues. Maybe in time the knowledge base will fill out little more. Thanks for replying!
Helpdesk Staff
Thank you for your follow-up message. Indeed, we are working on updating our KB articles to make it more informative and as useful as the forums. Just like this page, each KB article page has the ability for customers to post comments and questions, so it is similar in function to our forums.